Why Divine Ghee different from regular ghee?

The living sages of India teach us a wisdom that cannot be taught by our universities and the priceless ancient culture disseminate from them. Divine Ghee is made from native cows which are the only remaining species in the world whose products and by-products have been created for the economic, social and spiritual betterment of human beings in multiple ways, since ages. From a spiritual perspective, the native cow plays a vital role in providing core ingredients for Indian religious rituals. The ritual becomes insignificant without those key ingredients. The reason behind making these pure ingredients a core part of the ritual is placed on the fact that these authentic products have the extraordinary potential to sustain excellent health for the persons performing the rituals. The native Indian Gir cow milk and its products are sweet and have a coolant effect on the body and mind. Per Indian scriptures, ghee made from such milk is believed to improve “Ojas”, which is considered to be the key factor responsible for immunity, vitality, and mental and emotional wellness, among other benefits. To support the profound truths declared by the Vedas and Hindu Vedic sciences, current research is showing evidence that the ghee extracted from the A2 milk of the Indian native cow plays a vital role in general wellness, with innumerable health benefits.

Devine Ghee

Gir Cow Ghee The Gir is a famous indigenous cattle breed of India, native to the Gir hills and forests of Kathiawar in Gujarat. The pure-bred Gir animals are known for their desirable traits which include tolerance to stress conditions and resistance to various tropical diseases. In comparison to any other exotic breeds of cows, the Gir cow’s milk is valued for its purity and high quality resulting in a myriad of health and natural medicinal benefits. Gir cows are raised and bred without exposure to chemical or artificial feed and products. Their milk production is not meddled with hormonal injections for commercial or profitability reasons. The uniqueness of Gir cows, it has the “Suryaketu” nerve on its back which is believed to have the unique ability to absorb beneficial medicinal essences from the sun and other elements with the resulting nourishment passed on to its milk, urine and cow dung. This cow produces high quality A2 milk (while ordinary cross-bred or commercial cows produce A1 milk). The purity of such breeds has been maintained with great discipline and wisdom in each breeding tract.

Why A2 Milk?

Devine Ghee

Research has finally shown that conventional milk with A1 type of beta-casein (derived from common cross-bred commercial cows), is the culprit leading to lactose related ill-health. Recent studies are suggesting a link between consumption of this protein and adverse effects for people with a high risk, potentially leading to conditions like Type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular disease (IHD), delayed psychomotor development among children, autism, schizophrenia, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), intolerance and allergies. It has been conclusively proved that consumption of the A1 beta-casein milk leads to milk intolerance together with an additional range of auto-immune diseases. This has caused doctors to recommend a milk-free diet to risk-prone patients. This may also explain the general growing sentiment against dairy, and the increased number of people opting for a vegan diet.

Milk with A2 type of beta-casein protein (derived from pure Gir cows), on the contrary, is known to have several health benefits. In fact, all the benefits and virtues attributed to dairy products in our age-old traditional texts, are all accrued only from A2 milk. The A2 beta-casein milk proteins are easily broken down into peptides, which in turn are broken down into amino acids, making it easily digestible, while A1 beta-casein milk proteins cannot be broken down into amino acids, making it indigestible. Furthermore, A2 milk has been shown to prevent obesity among children and adults, improve brain function, promote digestion and increase breast milk production in feeding mothers. (Refer to Health Benefits of Gir cow ghee for a full list of benefits that can be derived from consuming A2 milk based ghee.)