Our commitment DIVINE GHEE humbly offers its gratitude to the farmers who have strived to preserve our ancient heritage. Without them, the purity and authenticity of this precious native Gir cow breed could not have been retained for so long! The time has come to show our respect for the remaining small population of the native pure bred cows, and to realize the amazing hidden potential of products extracted from such pure bred cows. We believe it is our responsibility to spread awareness of this native cow breed and the superior quality and purity of its milk products, so more people can benefit from it. We hope to pass on the wealth of knowledge regarding the native cow and the unbelievable benefits it offers, and contribute towards improving social health and wellness around the world. We hope you stand by us in spreading this vital knowledge, to this generation, and the next.

A portion of all our sales proceeds goes directly to benefit the farmers sustaining the authentic Gir cow, in rural villages.

Devine Ghee

Cruelty-free procurement In line with the ancient Indian principles of ‘Ahimsa’, which means non-violence and respect for all creatures, DIVINE GHEE is a cruelty-free by-product of a strictly animal-friendly process:

  • Milk used in our ghee is naturally procured from cows that graze freely, openly and raised healthily on a farm.
  • Extraction of milk is never forced from cows; it is extracted only after the calf has had its full.
  • We give the cows regular natural neem sprays to keep diseases away from them. Anti-biotics are never ever used on them.
  • Non-milking cows, calves and bulls are treated the same way as milk producing cows; there is no discrimination shown.
  • We pamper our cows just the way we pamper our own child. We believe they are part of our family.
Devine Ghee

Social Responsibility We strongly believe that we should all peacefully and effectively fight against inhuman breeding, abuse, and cruel slaughtering of cows, as well as cross-breeding, done in the interest of getting maximum milk production, for solely monetary and commercial reasons. This act is not only unethical, but has been proven to drastically reduce the quality of milk, resulting in ill-health of the consumer, and a social turn-away from the consumption of milk based products as a whole. DIVINE GHEE is committed to bringing back trust in dairy products by offering this pure and completely natural product, with all its amazing health benefits.